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User&Pass Authentication

Latest update: 10/07/2024 Number of views : 4556

This article will provide you with how to use account and password authentication. The whole process is very simple. You only need to operate on the web page without downloading the client.

Entering the official website of 922 S5 Proxy, we can find the page using USER&PASS AUTH in the navigation bar of obtaining the proxy. Here, after we select the type of package to purchase, we filter the desired region, and then we can generate a proxy to use.

However, please note that the package types supported by this usage are _ISP Proxy_ and _Residential Proxies(per/GB)_. When selecting the type of Residential Proxies(per/GB) to use, we can also choose different proxy modes of _Randomize IP_ and _Sticky IP_. Randomize IP mode will automatically change IPs in the IP pool, while Sticky IP mode will be fixed to 1 IP address within 1-60 minutes.

step 1

Create a sub-account (if you use_ISP proxy_balance, you can skip this step and start from step 2)

1. Enter the user&pass authentication page, click "Creat a user" to enter sub-account management.

2. The main account will be used as the default account and will be automatically created and managed in the list. You can choose to use the main account or add more sub-accounts as needed to allocate the traffic balance to different accounts for use.

3. Click "Add Account", fill in the user name, password, traffic limit, remarks and other information, open "Status", click Confirm to successfully create a sub-account. You can edit, delete, etc. sub-accounts.

Step 2

Basic Settings

1. Return to the account and password authentication page and select the balance type: IP balance (ISP proxy) or traffic balance ( Residential Proxies(per/GB)).

2. Select country: Choose a precise agent location or a random agent location. Click More to view other locations.

3. Select city: Choose an exact city or a random city.

4. Select IP mode. Rotate IP: Automatically replace IPs in the IP pool. Sticky IP: Fixed to 1 IP address within 1-60 minutes. (If using IP balance, you can ignore this step)


Step 3

View information

You can view proxy identity information here:

1. Host name and port: The port in account authentication is the port of the server, which is automatically assigned to the user. The port value cannot be modified.

2. Username: The main account is selected as the username by default. The traffic balance supports the creation and selection of sub-accounts (see step 1 for details).

3. Password: Password modification is supported, and the traffic balance needs to be modified in sub-account management.


Step 4

test command

Copy the code below, open a terminal on your computer and paste this curl address and press ENTER. (Only supported for use in non-Mainland China environments)


Step 5

Build command

We've provided tools to make your setup process easier, and after you've completed all the necessary steps to get started with residential proxies, you can export your proxy list in the area below.

1. Select the quantity to generate.

2. Select the username:password format.

3. Click Generate: Copy the created proxy list to the clipboard. You can apply this to any application or tool, and then you can use the proxy.


During operation, make sure to follow the correct steps to prevent any unexpected problems from occurring. I hope you enjoy a more enjoyable product experience!

If you still have problems, don't hesitate to contact the customer support team (email: [email protected]). Provide your details so our support team can better assist you with your issue. We're always here and happy to help!

What are the benefits of configuring the proxy using account and password authentication?

When you purchase private proxies individually or possibly in bulk, you need to ensure that they are for user use only. So to connect to this port, the user must have a username and password, thus authenticating access. The IP address is different for each proxy you purchase, but the port, username, and password are usually the same. Its IP and port can usually be switched on request, depending on what the user is using the proxy for.

Account authentication allows users to have more control and flexibility over proxy access, such as being able to easily change passwords. To prevent access by third parties, users may need to change their passwords. Another advantage is that users can access their agents from anywhere, username and password authentication ensures that users can log into agents and use them from any location.

If you need to manually manage and use proxy IPs, and want to be more flexible in selecting and configuring proxy IPs, I recommend you use 922’s account and password authentication.

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