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Help Center User Guide Antidetect Browser Integrations


Step 1

Configure proxy


Step 2

Download and install bitBrowser

Step 3

Login to your account in the client, then select the country/state/city, or just search for the zip code and click SEARCH to search for the IP you want.


Step 4

Select a proxy in the proxyList list and right-click on it and select Map Port.


Step 5

In the Todaylist list, click Port Forward List, map out the proxy information, click "copy" to copy the proxy information with one click.uploads/img/20220963207cf7ebb63.png

Step 6

Open the BitBrowser client, click "Browser Window" - "Create Window" - "Select Account Platform" - "Select socks5 as Proxy Type" - "Enter Proxy Host and Port", after filling in the relevant information, click Proxy Detection, and click OK after the proxy detection is passed.

Step 7

Click on the environment list to open it and you can use it, if you have questions feel free to contact customer service.

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