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How to use Residential Proxies?

Latest update: 2/04/2024 Number of views : 8225

Residential Proxy refers to a proxy plan that is billed based on traffic.

This plan has the following features and advantages:

  • Valid for 30 days
  • Easily manage IP through user&pass authentication
  • Unlimited concurrency and bandwidth
  • National and city level positioning
  • Supports random IP and sticky IP modes

a. Randomize IP: automatically rotate IPs in the IP pool.

b. Sticky IP: Fixed to 1 IP address within 1-60 minutes.


Next, I will show you how to use the plan.

If you prefer to check out the video tutorial, you can click to view it.

Step 1: Create a subaccount

1. Enter the user&pass authentication page, click "Creat a user" to enter sub-account management.


2. The main account will be used as the default account and automatically created in the management list. You can choose to use the main account or add more sub accounts as needed to allocate traffic balance to different accounts for use.


3. Click "Add Account", fill in the user name, password, traffic limit, remarks and other information, open "Status", click Confirm to successfully create a sub-account. You can edit, delete, etc. sub-accounts.


Step 2: Basic settings

1. Return to the User&pass auth page and select traffic balance.

2. Select country: Choose a precise proxy location or a random proxy location. Click More to view other locations.

3. Select a city: Choose a precise city or a random city.

4. Select IP mode.

Rotate IP: Automatically rotate IPs in the IP pool.

Sticky IP: Fixed to 1 IP address within 1-60 minutes.


Step 3: View information

You can view proxy identity information here:

1. Hostname:port: The port in the user&pass auth is the port of the server, which is automatically assigned to the user, and the port value cannot be modified.

2. Username: The main account is selected as the username by default. You can also select other accounts in the drop-down list as needed.

3. Password: If you need to change the password, you need to enter the sub-account management to change it.


Step 4: Test the command

Copy the code below, open a terminal on your computer and paste the curl address and press ENTER. (Only supported for use in non-Mainland China environments)


Step 5: Generate the command

We've provided tools to make your setup process easier, and after you've completed all the necessary steps to get started with residential proxies, you can export your proxy list in the area below.

1. Select the quantity to generate.

2. Select the username:password format.

3. Generate: Copy the created proxy list to the clipboard. You can apply this to any application or tool, and then you can use the proxy.

The above is the process of using the residential proxies plan. Get Residential Proxies now and get started!

We have also compiled some frequently asked questions about this plans

Q1: Will my traffic balance expire if I don’t use it?

A1: Our traffic package is valid for 30 days, but if your account still has balance after 30 days, we will keep it for you. You can activate the balance and continue to use it after you recharge.

Q2 : How many IPs can I use?

A2: You can use unlimited IP and access our 200M+ real residential IP. You are only limited by traffic, not by number of IPs.

Q3 : How does a residential proxy work?

A3: Residential proxies allow you to select a specific location (country, cty or ISP) and then browse the web as a real user in that area. Provides a layer of anonymity and privacy for your online activities.

922 S5 Proxy has become one of the most popular residential proxy service providers due to its excellent performance, market-leading proxy pool, connection speed and strong stability. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our customer service team! We're here to help!