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Forward port & Program proxy

Latest update: 10/07/2024 Number of views : 16788

In addition to rich dynamic ISP proxy resources, 922 S5 proxy also has pure and exclusive static residential IP resources in dozens of countries or regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc.

Static residential proxy is a real residential IP, which is stable and reliable. It is suitable for users who need IP to be stable online for a long time.

The main advantages are as follows:

·Exclusive static residential proxy

·Stable line, long online time

·Native residence, the first choice for TikTok and Amazon business

·Support city-level positioning

This article will focus on how to use static residential proxies in proxy manager(win).

It should be noted!! Static residential Proxies are also supported for use in the web dashboard. If you need it, please refer to this tutorial: IP management

Open the 922S5 Proxy's application and select the static ISP proxies.


First, let’s understand what the elements on the interface are:

1. View and select IP balance and type

Click on Details, here you can see the IP type and the number of remaining IPs. You can choose static IPs from different countries and duration types. If unchecked, short-lived IPs will be used first by default.



2. View the used list

Click on the used list, where you can view the IP extraction time, expiration time and status. You can reuse the IP as many times as you like within its validity period.


If the IP has expired and you still need to use it, you can click Renew to extend its validity. If the renewal is successful, the corresponding IP balance will be deducted.

Next, let us enter the specific usage tutorial:

Connection program proxy settings

Step 1: Add program

Add the application to the program list by dragging or clicking the plus sign. Then click the "Go ProxyList" button below to enter the proxy list page.


Step 2: Connect program proxy

Filter the country/state/city to get a list of IPs in your target region, right click on the IP and select Program Proxy Connect. When a green box appears, it means the IP extraction is successful.


Step 3: Check if the proxy connection is successful

Also, to ensure successful IP proxying, you can click here to copy the proxy IP and port number. Then open an anti-detection browser to see if your line is successfully connected.


Step 4: Stop the program proxy

If you want to stop using the proxy, click the "Stop Program Proxy" button.


Step 5: Clear browser cache

Please note! ! ! When you connect the proxy to the browser, the browser cache may cause the proxy connection to fail, so it is recommended to click the "Clear Browser Info" button to clear the previous IP cache, close the browser, and then start the program proxy.


About Settings

You can also make the following settings in the program settings as needed:

①Auto clear browser info: Check the browser you want to clear cache information for.

②After changing the proxy, the program will automatically close.

③When the program connects to the proxy, the program will run automatically.

④ Auto change TimeZone.

⑤Disable WebRTC (Firefox)  (for example: this function will automatically close Firefox when you start the program proxy).


After reading this, I believe you have mastered the program proxy connection method, go and try it.

Port forwarding

Step 1: Set the number of ports

Click Settings to enter the General setting interface, where you can configure the port range.

Assume that the initial value of the port is 5000, 11 need to be extracted in batches, and the final value of the port is set to 5010. (Please note: the maximum number of ports set is 500)


Step 2: Extract the proxy

Select a proxy in the proxy list, right-click, and then select the port forwarded to the proxy in the drop-down list. When a green box appears above and prompts "Success", the extraction is successful.


Step 3: Get the extracted IP and port

Click the "Port Forward List" button to view detailed proxy parameters. Click the "Copy" button to copy the local IP and port with one click. If you need to release the port, click the "Free" button.


Step 4: Configure the proxy

Finally, you can configure the IP and port for use in devices, software, Google, Firefox, or anti-detection browsers.

Tip: To ensure that the IP is valid, you can paste the proxy IP and port number you just copied into the anti-detection browser to see if the IP can be connected successfully.

The above is the tutorial on the use of static residential proxy. 922 S5 proxy is committed to providing users with the best proxy service. If you have any suggestions and questions, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected]. We will provide support at any time!