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Static Residential Proxy

Exclusive static residential Proxy

Stable line, long online time

Native residence, the first choice for TikTok and Amazon business

Affordable price, super cost-effective

20+ national resources, supporting city-level positioning

Top Residential Proxy Locations

Hong Kong
Taiwan, China

Advantages of 922 S5 Proxy's Static Residential Proxy

922 S5 Proxy combines the best features of data center and residential proxies to give you a high-speed proxy with high anonymity.Turn on Static Residential Proxy now and get the best of both worlds!

Security guarantee

SOCKS5/HTTP protocol with strong encryption, choose the protocol that suits your needs, so as to obtain the best results in practical applications.

Fully Compatible

All scenarios support anti-detect browsers and online marketing tools.

Excellent location coverage

real native residential IP addresses assigned by global ISP internet service providers, static residential proxy allows you to operate as a residential user of the same IP address if you want.

Stable online time

The IP of the static residential proxies can remain unchanged for a long time, which is suitable for the business of logging in with the same address for a long time.

Fast online operation

Static residential proxies have an average uptime of 99.9%, keeping your business running at high speed.

Very Competitive Prices

You might think that prices for high-end proxies would be high, but we are the exception. We have established flexible pricing packages so that you can enjoy high-end Proxy services without paying high prices.

What are the uses of the static residential proxy of S5 Proxy?

A static proxy is a special type of proxy that uses a residential IP address from an actual ISP around the world, so the IP address doesn't change automatically across sessions.

Static proxies are ideal for: streaming media, banking, data scraping, etc. due to their long-term unchanged residential addresses.

Network data extraction

Social Media Marketing

E-Commerce management

Website test

Search Engine Optimization

Review and monitoring

Ad Verification

Network security

Can be combined with these tools:

Trusted by our customers

922 S5 Proxy is the first choice for users

Following the closure of Certain competitors Proxy, the emergence of 922 S5 Proxy has been nothing short of a stellar entrance into the market. Increasingly, users are embracing 922 Proxy as their go-to choice, garnering unanimous praise on well-known rating sites like Trustpilot and major media platforms.

Mark Johnson

Verified User From trustpilot.com

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Extremely high user satisfaction

According to market research and user feedback, 922's proxy services are indeed outstanding, with high user satisfaction, rightfully earning its position as the top choice.

li li

Verified User From trustpilot.com

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One of the best residential IP proxy service providers

922 S5 Proxy is one of the best supplier of residential IP proxy services, spanning 190+ countries and regions with 99% IP purity and offering solutions for corporate market research, data analysis, e-commerce, and other commercial requirements.

Kieran Hawkins

Verified User From trustpilot.com

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922 S5 Proxy is the first choice in the field of large residential IP proxies

922 S5 Proxy stands tall as a premier choice in the realm of large residential IP proxies. Its reliability, diverse features, and user-centric approach make it a formidable tool for businesses and individuals seeking enhanced privacy, efficiency in web scraping, and precise geo-targeting capabilities.

Michael Mills

Verified User From trustpilot.com

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922 S5 Proxy becomes the undisputed leader in providing residential IP services

922 S5 Proxy emerges as the indisputable leader in providing residential IPs services. Whether you’re an individual seeking a secure online space or a business demanding enterprise-level solutions, 922 S5 Proxy has you covered.

Jenny Gonzales

Verified User From trustpilot.com

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922 S5 Proxy is a first-class proxy service

922 S5 Proxy is a top-notch proxy service, excelling in residential proxies. Their residential proxies are particularly useful for website scraping and overcoming geographical restrictions.

Aamir Khan

Senior User From Online Media

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Frequently asked questions

What is a static residential proxy?

Static residential proxies have the high anonymity of residential proxies and the high speed of data center proxies.

It's a special ISP proxy that comes from the actual ISP's residential IP address.

Why do you need a static residential proxy?

For online content streaming, data collection, or financial operations, static residential proxies can provide the security features you need.

Static residential proxies protect your account from being flagged for quickly switching IP addresses.

What are the usage scenarios for static residential proxies?

Static residential proxies are widely used in: web data collection, social media marketing, website testing, search engine optimization

Ad verification, travel expense aggregation, network security, and more.

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