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Supports direct extraction of IP on Android phones for proxy.

  • Buy once, use multiple terminals.
  • Convenient, anytime, anywhere proxy IP.
  • No fee if not used, no fee if unsuccessful

What is Mobile Extract?

We have developed a brand new extraction function on the Android mobile terminal.

IPs Proxy can be implemented on mobile phones without downloading the PC Applications.

  • Convenient and fast, proxy IP anytime and anywhere
  • Extract records synchronously, leaving traces for each use
  • Encrypted information transmission, one more layer of information protection

What is the difference between mobile extraction and mobile group control?

Mobile group control and mobile extraction modes cannot coexist, you can only use one mode at the same time

Mobile group control is a function launched in our 1.0 version. The main purpose is to realize one computer device to control multiple mobile devices (it also supports computer control of mobile devices on the simulator).

Mobile extraction This function is mainly to facilitate users to purchase, use, view records and other operations on Android devices. Meets users' needs for using proxies on mobile devices.

Mobile extract

Group control

Free switching mode, suitable for every business

We use the mobile extraction function by default. If you want to change the current mode, you need to manually switch to the corresponding mode.

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